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Heating Repair

If you are experiencing rattles, bangs, grinding, or popping in your heater unit it maybe a sign that an immediate repair is necessary. If you do not make the repair in a timely fashion it could result in needing to buy an entire unit.

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Our People

A-1 Quality Care has no commission-based employees, so you never have to worry about high-pressure sales staff being sent to your home or business looking to meet a sales quota. we employ highly trained Service Technicians who’s only goals are to get your systems up and running at a reasonable cost. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Our Process

Once it's determined that a cost effective repair or part replacement is an option, our trained technicians will go over the options for the unit that you currently are running. After a repair plan is made and parts are arranged our tech will give you a quote for time and cost.

Our Promise

Our founders established A-1 Quality Care Heating & Air Conditioning with the core beliefs that you should always feel confident in trusting those you invite into your home and that you should never be afraid to call for service on your Air Conditioning or Heating System for fear of being pressured into purchasing something you don’t need or want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If I Should Repair or Replace My Unit?

After your free consultation, our technicians will inform you of all options for the current issues your unit is facing.

What Is the Average Life of a Furnace?

Similar to A/C units the average furnace will last about 15-20 years if professionally maintained and the air filter is changed regularly.

How Do I Know If My Furnace Is Working Efficiently?

If you notice an increase in your energy bills your system may not be running efficiently as it once did. Another sign of inefficiency is that your unit is running constantly never reaching set temperature, and you may notice inconsistent temps throughout your home.

Single Stage VS Two Stage Furnace

Single stage furnaces run at 100% all the time. They have a lower initial cost, minimal maintenance and repair cost, and low to average efficiency. Two Stage furnaces run at 70% most of the time and switch to 100% when needed. They have a higher initial cost, however that cost is offset by lower energy bills and a more comfortable home.

What Things Can I Do to Maintain My Furnace?

Clean or replace the filters often! At the very least, every 30 days!! Make sure to keep vents open and intakes free of dirt and dust, not only will it look better, but you will breathe easier too. And who doesn't like cleaner air! And most importantly, have your heating system checked every year!!! Gas fired system failures can have life threatening issues that, if left undiagnosed, can lead to severe illness and death.

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