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Installation can come with code requirement headaches, lack of clear answers, and not to mention pesty sales guys. That's why A-1 Quality Care has developed a process to eliminate the headaches, and the pesty sales guys. Give us a call your free estimate.

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Our People

A-1 Quality Care has no commission-based employees, so you never have to worry about high-pressure sales staff being sent to your home or business looking to meet a sales quota. we employ highly trained Service Technicians who’s only goals are to get your systems up and running at a reasonable cost. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Our Process

Once it has been determined that a furnace should be replaced rather than repaired, we will help you choose from the best equipment options to meet the needs of the space and work on obtaining any permits needed for the installation.

Our Promise

Our founders established A-1 Quality Care Heating & Air Conditioning with the core beliefs that you should always feel confident in trusting those you invite into your home and that you should never be afraid to call for service on your Air Conditioning or Heating System for fear of being pressured into purchasing something you don’t need or want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Do I Know It’s Time for a New Heating System?

As long as the unit has been professionally maintained and the filter has consistently been changed on time (every 30 days), it should be a minimum of 15 years before replacement should be an option over repair.

What Should I Look for When Buying a New Home Furnace?

System compatibility! There are multiple factors that go into choosing a furnace, first and foremost is it compatible with my A/C system? After that, fuel source and zoning requirements are the most crucial factors in choosing a furnace.

Should I Replace My Furnace and Air Conditioner at The Same Time?

Yes, as long as they are both similar in age and condition it is generally recommended to address both at the same time to aid the efficiency of both. Additionally, minimum EPA standards may require having both done as a set.

Do High-Efficiency Furnaces Really Save Money?

Yes, and the higher upfront cost is negated by the lower monthly cost to run the unit over time. Local utility costs will affect the projected energy savings of the unit. The higher the cost of energy the faster the pay back from your high efficiency equipment will be.

What Size Furnace Do I Need?

Determining BTUs needed to heat your home can be difficult, let the professionals help you make sure that your home is properly heated, oversized can be as bad as undersized.

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