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Commercial A/C

Our team specializes in the needs of our commercial customers whether its is a single-split system, multi-split system, or other systems that are not as common. See why Nevada's businesses trust A-1 Quality Care for their commercial HVAC needs.

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Our People

A-1 Quality Care has no commission-based employees, so you never have to worry about high-pressure sales staff being sent to your home or business looking to meet a sales quota. we employ highly trained Service Technicians who’s only goals are to get your systems up and running at a reasonable cost. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Our Process

First we have to determine if your current commercial unit is worth fixing or is beyond repair, and our dedicated technicians will spend the time needed to only recommend the best options for your business. We offer single split systems, multi split systems, VRF, VRV, VAV, and CAV systems.  To learn more about different types of commercial systems you can call (702) 572-6558 for more information.

Our Promise

Our founders established A-1 Quality Care Heating & Air Conditioning with the core beliefs that you should always feel confident in trusting those you invite into your home and that you should never be afraid to call for service on your Air Conditioning or Heating System for fear of being pressured into purchasing something you don’t need or want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Repair or Replace? How Do I Know?

Sometimes it's very difficult to determine whether or not to repair or replace your AC unit. We offer free professional consults to help determine the extent and cost of the failure.

How Long Does A Commercial A/C Unit Last?

Modern A/C units can last anywhere from 15-20 years depending on upkeep and maintenance. For older systems, while we have seen older units last 30+ years, typically these units are professionally and meticulously taken care of. Most older units will only last 10-12 years, depending on upkeep and maintenance.

Which Type of Cooling System Should I Install?

The make and size of the unit will depend on the amount of the space that you’re looking to cool. What SEER rating you want (14,16,20+) and what kind of heating system you have (Gas or Electric). For gas units we look at what kind of venting system you have, what efficiency you want or need? Single stage, multi-stage? These are questions that your HVAC professional can help you answer.

What Should I Look for When Buying a New Unit For My Business?

System types, as there are multiple layouts for them. After that fuel source and zoning requirements are the most important factors in choosing an HVAC unit.

How Do I Know If My AC Is Working Efficiently?

Your A/C unit, just like your car, starts to degrade over time. The highly efficient unit you had 10 years ago most likely has lost a good portion of its original SEER rating due to basic wear and tear. If you notice a steady increase in your energy bills, your system has lost some of its effectiveness. Another sign of inefficiency is if your unit is running constantly or you start to notice inconsistent temperatures in some areas of your home. Generally speaking, if the unit is over 6 years old it is not running as efficiently as it once did.

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